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Thesis Publication

Ph.D dissertations and master's thesis are primary literature. They are valuable contributions to the discourse in every field of inquiry and to the culture of all creative fields.If you are about to complete your PhD thesis and want to publish your thesis as a online book. With our publishing services, authors can publish their research/thesis which will be made available online for worldwide visibility.The author retains full ownership over the finished work. The author is entitled to sell or distribute copies of the book.IJRTE is an open access journal which means that your research/thesis will be available to  download / read for free directly from the website globally . Your thesis will be accessible from Google Scholar and Google via Title/ Authorname etc. Send your original work (If you are taking any ref. or topics from other source please don't forget to mention source / ref. / author etc); Our journal is published online and there is no limit on the number or size of the papers we can publish. If your article / work is published elsewhere then you have to send Permission / Consent or Request letter to us for re-printing / publication. Your research/thesis will be published in in PDF format. Submissions must be supported by an ethical statement on behalf of all authors. This should be included in the submission covering letter with the corresponding author taking responsibility for having consulted with all the authors. If all or parts of previously published material are used, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder concerned. It is the author's responsibility to obtain these in writing and provide copies to IJRTE.

Thesis Submission
Author can directly mail to the information related to thesis publication. All the authors need to specify "Thesis Publication" in subject line, when they first time mail to IJRTE.

Thesis Publication Charges

  • Depending on your thesis size and other factors IJRTE editorial Team will provide you the estimate.

  • You can mail to for any query related to thesis publciation charges.

Digitally Signed publication Certificate

  • IJRTE will provide publication certificate.

  • Permanent online link will be provided for all future references.

  • A dedicated web page will be provided, which will give Author Bio-data with photograph and thesis abstract and research contributions.

For publication certificate click here

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
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